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Expert installers of energy saving vinyl and designer siding systems

Twins Home Improvement LLC provides superior siding services in Baltimore, MD. We install new siding, complete repairs, and replace siding when necessary. Our team will explain the many siding options available to you so you can make an informed decision, and we back our roofing services with a workmanship warranty for your peace of mind.

Gutter Repairs

Gutters are an essential part of any property, preventing water damage over time. You can depend on us for complete gutter repairs, replacements, and installations. Ensure that your gutters look great and last for years to come with our thorough, comprehensive services. We complete all installations and replacements correctly while addressing your repair needs carefully to avoid further issues. Let our skilled professionals make addressing your gutter requirements a breeze.

Siding Services in Nottingham, MD - Twins Home Improvement LLC


Siding is one of the most exciting and rewarding renovations homeowners can make to their home when energy saving underlayment and great products are professionally installed. At Twins Home Improvement we have three goals with every siding replacement.

  1. CURB APPEAL THAT LASTS — Assisting you in Beautifying your home with an array of authentic maintenance free products that are lifetime warrantied to never chalk, chip or fade in color. When great siding products are professionally installed with attention to detail and accuracy that compliments the existing architecture of your home, you have added true curb appeal. When you add true curb appeal to your home, you not only separate your home from the pack but you have in fact made a savvy investment. An investment in your home that you will not only enjoy now but see immediate returns with lower energy bills, increased equity but also future re-sale value!
  2. ENERGY SAVINGS — Have you ever drank coffee out of a Dunkin Donuts cup? You may have noticed that while this cup is thin, it does not require a sleeve to keep the hot coffee inside from burning your hand. This is due to the fact that this cup is made of a material called polystyrene which has amazing insulating qualities. Now imagine if that cup was compressed into a layered sheet 1/4"-3/8” thick and installed as an underlayment on all the walls of your home. Im sure you’ve guessed in. Serious. Energy Savings. For this reason with every new full siding replacement, we carefully protect your home, remove the old siding then inspect the existing substrate for any rotting wood, cracks or openings that allow for energy loss or rodent intrusion you likely were never even aware of. Once we addressed any issues on the substrate walls of your home we then install Rain Drop by GreenGuard water proof, insulating, boards on all the walls, gables and dormers of your home. Rain Drop by GreenGuard is like wrapping your home in warm, water proof blanket but unlike a blanket, its firm composition that has the added stability of strengthening your new siding against chips, cracks or breakage.
  3. Customer Satisfaction — Just like our roof repairs and replacements we keep to the same principle with our siding installations. Neat, Clean, Safe get the job done right the first time installation that has made Twins Home Improvement synonymous with affordability, quality and trust among our customers. And while we don’t plan on you needing it, every siding project is covered by our free labor and limited lifetime manufacturer warranties.